Hands On - Manual Therapy/Manipulation techniques and treatment

Our physiotherapists are trained in the latest "hands on" (manual therapy) techniques for the treatment of many spinal and joint disorders. Our Physiotherapists have  extensive experience in providing quality "Hands on Therapy", including both manual and  manipulative joint techniques. 

Sport Injury Management

Physio Performance has extensive experience in sport physiotherapy, at regional, national and international level. We offer an excellent standard of sport injury treatment, rehabilitation and overall management to assist your successful return to the sporting arena.

Post operative rehabilitation

The restoration of movement and strength post operatively is essential to ensure the success of the operation. Physio Performance can deliver effective and successful post opertaive rehabilitation exercise programmes.The clinic has experience in the post operative care and exercise programmes for spinal,hip, knee, ankle and shoulder surgeries. 

Acupuncture/Dry needling

The physiotherapists at Physio Performance have got post graduate acupuncture qualifications which can be used for a variety of muscle and pain conditions. Dry needling and trigger point therapy is used extensively within the clinic for a variety of muscle, fascial tightness and tendeness.

Rehabilitative (Real time) Ultrasound Imaging

Rehabilitative ultrasound scanning of lower abdominals, pelvic floor, lumbar spine, hip and shoulder muscles can all be achieved at Physio Performance. This imaging allows you to see your muscles working and the assists in the specificity and the accuracy of our rehabilitative programmes. Come see your muscles working !!!

Functional Movement exercise programmes

Physio Performance exercises room is our  "Room to Move"  and a room to re-train. An area where you can perform functional (practical) exercises and specific strengthening programmes. The body moving well is the one of the main ways to reduce pain and increase flexibility. Our physiotherapists are very proactive with specific functional exercise programmes for you

Exercise Based Rehabilitation

Exercise based rehabilitation is seen as an essential part of the overall physiotherapy management of patients. Individually prescribed programmes can be designed to improve muscle balance, injury prevention, posture, flexibility, strength and general fitness.

Muscle Balance Assessment

Physiotherapists at Physio Performance are trained to provide detailed assessments of muscle length, strength, body alignment and muscle activation for every individual. Muscle balance assessment is an essential part of injury management, rehabilitation programs and the minimising injury/ prevention process.

Gait biomechanical Analysis

Analysis of biomechanics of the pelvis, hip, knee and ankle are essential for the successful injury rehabilitation and/or prevention of injuries. Our physiotherapists at Physio Performance, are able to analyse and assess the alignment and biomechanics of the lower limb with accuracy and efficiency.

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